The addition of a fence provides a gate to your home, preventing intruders and protecting your get-together in your yard. Once you have decided to install a fence, the next step is to consider what type of fence. There are a lot of choices — aluminum fencing, chain link fencing, vinyl fencing, wood fencing, open fencing, split rail fencing, closed fencing, protective fencing, and much more. A fence company in Auburn, AL would know what’s the best type of fence that fits you and your space. If you are looking for a simple fence with minimal protective qualities but mostly aesthetic value, then the split rail fence, or ranch fence, is the perfect style for you. 


The ranch fence is primarily used for agricultural or decorative purposes because it does not provide much security. The ranch fence used to be very popular in the colonial period because of its ease of installation, and it has a beautiful look. The design of the ranch fence is simple — two long, sturdy logs arranged lengthwise, secured with tall posts. This simple design is very aesthetically pleasing and provides a simple structural base. A ranch fence is very straightforward to install because of its simple design. The ranch fence is a bit different from today’s everyday residential looks for fencing, and it provides a rustic and established aesthetic. The ranch fence can be disassembled if needed and moved to a different location. The ranch fence is perfect for those looking for a simple, yet elegant addition to their yard.


Ranch Fences Look Great


Ranch fences are unique in that they have a straightforward but sturdy design, so they add visual appeal to your yard. Their simplicity lends themselves to an elegant and rustic addition to your yard. Ranch fences are also incredibly versatile for yards that are not rectangular. If you have a curved yard, a ranch fence is perfect because the ranch fence can be installed in any shape, as long as the logs are sufficiently attached to the tall posts. You may have seen ranch fences in a zig-zag formation, and that is due to the shape and versatility of ranch fencing.


Ranch fencing delineates your yard from your neighbor’s, while simultaneously adding visual appeal to your home. Such a simple addition can elevate the curbside appeal of your home, impressing visitors and family who come to your house. Suddenly, when people drive up to your house, your house is framed by a fence on either side, adding another element to your already-beautiful home. Furthermore, ranch fences are typically made out of wood, so they are low-cost and durable. You will not need to replace the fence for many, many years to come.


Ranch Fence


While the ranch fence is the most manageable fence to install DIY, fence installation is not easy labor. Installing it will take time, planning, and manual work. The fruits of your energy will be an aesthetically pleasing fence, and you will get a lot of satisfaction from knowing you installed the fence yourself, but it will take time. In addition to installation, you will need to design and plan what the fence will look like. The design of the ranch fence allows much versatility for placement, but also requires more creative thinking because of all of the design and placement options available to you.


A ranch fence is a simple yet elegant design that can seriously elevate the look of your home. It is quite astounding that such a classic and modest addition to your yard can create such a drastic look. The best part of the ranch fence is the low cost of installation and maintenance. The ranch fence is so simple that you can even install it yourself with relative ease. 


Consider installing a ranch fence with your family for a fun weekend activity! If DIY projects are not your cup of tea, do not worry! There’s a lot of professional companies that offer the service that can help you design, plan, and install your ranch fence. With a very quick turnaround, you can have a sophisticated addition to your yard installed, impressing your neighbors, friends, and family.