When looking for a new home, everyone has their list of criteria: a bigger kitchen with granite countertops, a certain number of bathrooms and bedrooms, carpet or not, and so on. However, does anyone really consider residential fences and gates? With the incredible amount of fence styles available to us nowadays, a new homeowner should be well informed about residential fences and gates before even buying a home.


Furthermore, installing a fence is an investment that will offer many things in return, including privacy, security and beauty. If you are in the planning process or tossing around the idea of putting a fence on your property, there are some things to consider beforehand that will help you along in your decision-making strategy. It is best to be thinking about these things before you look at options for materials to ease the process. With regards to installation, always get the most trusted and dedicated fence contractors you have in your area. Auburn Fence Pros, are always ready to be of service whenever you need it! They will surely give you the best that you deserve.


Here are the questions you need check before getting a fence installed in your backyard: 


Why do I need a fence? 


This query is at the root of what material will be best for your project. Different materials have different benefits and perks. If you want a fence for security, an aluminum option will work just fine, and this would also help keep pets in their place. If privacy is part of what you want from a fence, the vinyl offers the ability to keep your yard more enclosed. Wrought iron-fencing can offer the style that you seek if you are wanting something with more pizzazz.


How much maintenance do I want down the road? 


This is a very important question to consider, as it really impacts your home upkeep long-term. Wood fences are classic and look great, but they will need updates in the future. They will need to be painted or stained on a regular basis and can wear down from weather elements. If you are fine with this type of maintenance plan, then wood can be for you. Vinyl is seen as an option that is easier to keep looking great year after year with cleanings.


Have I researched my requirements? 


A team of professionals can guide you in what you need to be done before a fence installation. They will make sure that cables and wires are marked before the installation technicians come out to work. They also remind you that you need to obtain any required permits before the project can move forward.


Have I considered the impact on my neighbors? 


If you are looking to install a tall fence that will affect the view of those around you, make sure that you have a discussion with them so that they understand your expected and hoped-for outcome. If you want more privacy for a pool or hot tub, you will want a vinyl option that offers a blocked view, and this should be conveyed to your neighbors. Listen to their input and have a discussion that will lead to a choice that you both can live with in the future.


If you are struggling with your fence decisions, there are many fence companies that you could call. You’ll be able to find the best company with very knowledgeable professionals with good reputations in your area. It’s very important to also consider getting the best of the best contractors for your fence. This would reflect on the quality of a fence that you are putting up your yard. Make sure to pick up the best cause you wouldn’t risk your family with having not secure fences.